Welcome to THE MERC in Tularosa
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About us

The MERC in Tulie is a Co-op of local and regional artist with a common bond- ART! Yep, and we are here to create art in a way that you can give it as a gift, or heck, keep it!

Some of the cool gift items include indoor/outdoor fountains, and metal sculptures by Micheal Gruger-you GOTTA see these!  All re-purposed metal and wood, pulled together in a way that will capture your imagination, and wonder, where does he get these super cool crazy ideas from??? Right??

Darryl Willison, another NM artist, and founder of the MERC, creates a gambit of art ranging from original hand pulled t-shirt designs, prints, drawings and also does re-purposed metal and wood pieces. Seriously, if the MERC does not have what you are looking for, YOU DON'T NEED IT!

We also offer an ever changing collection of gifty items that are everyday kind of fun things not made by us, but we like  because it makes us laugh.  Our shop is a throw back to the days of old, when life was more simple, stuff was affordable, and people actually spoke to each other.  Can you imagine? 

We've only been open since January, 2016, but we all have a lifetime of talent, and knowledge of the area, some more than others, just ask and you will find out!

We are a small bunch, but very friendly and we really care about our town, it's people, and making sure that the MERC embodies and enhances the history of Tularosa. Life is hard already, we know that, we are people after all. We own cell phones and our calls get dropped just like everyone else's, so c'mon in and hang with us and relax, look around and we will assist you in finding, or perhaps making that perfect something for somebody!

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